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When eating, energy and exercise are out of balance, so are self evaluation and self regulation.

Webster Wellness Professionals is a multi-disciplinary team of psychotherapists, dietitians, primary care physicians and psychiatrists with many years of experience and special expertise in the treatment of eating disorders, healthy weight control, body image disturbances, and compulsive exercise. We offer comprehensive evaluation and integrated treatment of related emotional, psychiatric and medical disorders in adults, teens, and children.

Our team offers cutting-edge, evidence-based treatment in a setting emphasizing collaboration, mutual respect, and a commitment to health in all its facets. We work to develop skills for full recovery, enhancing self awareness, self-acceptance, and a commitment to balance. Treatment is tailored to meet each individual’s needs.

Balanced Living Program

Who can benefit from our intensive outpatient program? Anyone struggling with an eating disorder and any of the following:

  • Difficulty managing emotions
  • Hiding emotions from others
  • Feeling numb or empty
  • Binge eating/Feeling out of control when eating
  • Purging behaviors
  • Restriction of food intake
  • Recurrent self-injury or suicidal thoughts and/or actions
  • Substance abuse or other addictive behaviors
  • Difficulties with relationships or trusting others
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Eating Disorder Treatment in Webster Groves near St. Louis, MO

Professional Eating Disorder Treatment in St. Louis, MOEating Disorders and obesity are a health threats to people of all ages. They are chronic, progressive conditions which can have devastating effects on the physical, mental, social and spiritual lives of individuals and their families.

The treatment needs of an individual are varied and require a multidisciplinary approach. The treatment team works together to determine the most effective way in which to meet the needs of the patient. The affected individual and family members are active collaborators in identifying treatment needs and implementing a therapeutic plan.

The latest research is confirming what clinicians have always believed: these conditions are very complex, affecting just about all aspects of the person’s life, e.g. emotional, psychological, interpersonal, social, spiritual, and physical. While genetics have been thought to play a role from the earliest descriptions of the conditions, it is clear that many psychosocial and cultural factors are involved. Furthermore, the factors that trigger an eating or weight problem in the first place, are not the same factors that keep the disorder going.